Church Documents

The following church documents are provided as a resource especially to those people that are currently attending Springs Mennonite Church. In addition, those seeking a church to join or attend may find these helpful in understanding more about the Springs congregation. If you are interested in a printed copy of these documents, please contact the church office at 814-662-4201. Documents listed on this page are in PDF format and Adobe Reader is needed to view them.

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A list of people serving in various ministries in the congregation (included in the “Annual Report”).

These documents include the Bylaws, Plan of Organization, Lines of Accountability, Areas of Ministry, Attachments 1 to 3 (referred to in the Plan of Organization) and a General Index. Note: if you prefer to access these documents individually select the document you want below.

This is the primary document regarding the Springs Mennonite Church (adopted Oct. 2013).

This is a secondary document that is referred to in the Bylaws. This document outlines the various functions and duties to be carried out for and by the congregation (adopted Oct. 2013).

This document illustrates how different ministries of the congregation are accountable to the members of Springs Mennonite Church and how the Springs congregation is accountable to Allegheny Mennonite Conference and to Mennonite Church USA.

This Document describes the various committees and ministries of our congregation and indicates how the Plan of Organization is being applied in a practical way.

These attachments are referred to in the Plan of Organization. Attachment 1 is the Agreeing and Disagreeing in Love document.

Attachment 2 provides guidelines for the Student Aid, and Attachment 3 is the Abuse Protection Policy.

The General Index provides an overview of where to find major topics in the different documents.

This document is a policy Springs Mennonite Church adopted regarding pastoral expectations on the issue of same-sex relationships.